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radiologic technologist resume sample
December 2, 2020

radiologic technologist resume sample

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Operated C-Arm fluoroscopy to aid physician in positioning for various procedures, to include, but not limited to lumbar/thoracic/cervical epidurals, facet injections, medial branch blocks, sacroiliac joint injections, discograms. Interpret data and provide recommendations for optimal patient care. In order to maximize the detail you should list each position with the following key information: When you explain your previous duties don’t be afraid to be specific. Maintained employee payroll and benefits. When choosing the font of your text, select a typeface that is legible and easy to decipher quickly. Registered Radiology Technologist- American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) KY; Serve a diverse caseload including newborns, infants, children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients. Certification. Skills. Mastered radiology equipment such as FUJI, Philips, Kodak, GE, PACS system. Operated CR and Fluoroscopy X-ray equipment. Cloud Clearwater, Radiologic Technologist. In-depth knowledge of nursing processes, procedures, techniques and devices used for patient care. 3130 Hillside Street. If done right, this will then be the perfect hook to encourage the recruiter to read on. Gained intravenous access for contrast injections and monitored patients for possible reactions to IV contrast, Maintained stock of IV contrast and radiology supplies and ensure all radiology equipment was in proper working order and maintenance is up to date, Prepared patients and surgical room for surgical staff prior to procedures. One of our users, Nikos, had this to say: [I used] a nice template I found on Zety. The sample resume is in chronological format and tracks her career progression from a radiologic technology intern, through part-time and per diem rad tech assignments, to full-time acute … Performs diagnostic x-rays in an urgent care setting. Tenacious, detail-oriented, and quality-focused radiologic technologist, with hands-on experience in managing fluoroscopy regulations and radiation safety, fluoroscopy equipment, X-ray image intensifiers, image recording equipment, and … Free resume example for an experienced radiologic technologist with 10+ years in the radiology imaging field. Prepared and positioned patients for radiology examinations and explained procedures to patients, Performed all required diagnostic radiology procedures in different departments including ER. ... As you can see from my resume, I’ve worked as a radiologic technologist for four years, conducting both x-ray and CT imaging. Manage 12 to 15 procedures per shift, while maintaining high quality of care. For experienced radiologic technologists, here’s an Experienced Radiologic Technologist sample resume 2017 to help you. 2. Therefore employers are always on the lookout for skilled, communicative, safety concious and mechanically competent candidates to run their hardware. Resume Format For X Ray Technician #format #resume #technician … xray tech resume – To achieve this, try to be selective with the traits and duties you mention and tailor the document to the job description. Applied bandages, dressings, and splints as ordered by the treating provider. In … Educated and counseled patients regarding the medical procedures, treatment and medications. Certified to level II in RT. Acted as supervisor during times of no direct supervision. Experienced in working with digital and computed radiography GE equipment, as well as RIS, PACS, and Carestream. Thorough understanding of all equipment, procedures and practices. Radiologic Technologist Sample Resume. Break up information-heavy text into bullet points, Performed X-ray, MRI, ultra-sound and CT imaging tasks, Followed all ALARA best practice techniques, Ensured the comfort and the wellbeing of the patients was prioritized at all times, Liaised with patients to ensure that best standards of care were followed at all times, Offered new staff training and orientation on all machinery, Processed images to ensure correct accurate diagnosis, Oversaw full hospital radiographic machinery maintenance and quality control program. Ability to process own film using an automatic processor, Skilled in a dark room, processing films and setting techniques, Considerable knowledge and able to utilize foot and ankle stand machine, Able to evaluate patient's pain level in x-ray procedure and provided comforting measures as needed, Emphasized and executed use of ALARA and confidentiality. … ... Radiology Technology. This could include your achievements, skills or even personality traits that will make you a good fit. Familiar with advanced equipment such as analog, CR and DR x-ray. Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist Resume. Performed X-ray imaging, and portable radiography. Radiologic Technologist [Intro Paragraph] Starting your job description with two to three sentences introducing prospective radiology techs to your company, culture, and working environment will attract the best applicants.You want to sell your hospital or medical facility to job seekers, letting them know what you bring to the table for new employees and setting yourself apart from competing … Conform with HIPAA rules and regulations. Prepared diagnostic contrast for fluoroscopic exams (Esophograms, UGI, BE, Arthrograms etc) as required, Translated consent questions and procedure explanations from English to Spanish for Radiologists, Assisted Radiologist with fluoroscopic examinations, Assisted and worked as a team administering radiographic exams and IP processing, Completed 75% of x-ray & Fluoroscopic competencies required by ARRT in less than a year of internship, Executed extensive Operating Room cases involving GE C-Arm operation, Operated and handled Fuji, Philips and GE radiographic medical equipment, Demonstrated extensive knowledge and application of radiation safety and shielding protocols, Worked with conventional film radiography; CR, RIS, & PACS, Executed portable radiography cases in emergency dept., ICU, NICU & patient rooms. This could include your achievements, skills or even personality traits that will make you a good fit. Complete Name Complete Address Phone # / Cell Phone # E-mail Address. Resumes Guide; Cover Letters Guide; Interviews Guide; Networking Guide; Preparation Guide; ... Lead Mammography Technologist, Radiologic Technolo... Professional … xray tech resume – Radiologic Technologist Resume Sample A stand-out Radiologic Technologist resume will show your future employer that you can operate sensitive equipment, collect data and ensure safety. Assisted radiologists with various fluoroscopic procedures and exams. 20+ mammography technologist resume samples to customize for your own use. We have used all the important tips of the above units into a single a radiologic technologist cover letter sample to demonstrate a winning document that can be created in GetCoverLetter editor. Candidate seeking radiographer job. Performed diagnostic images as needed in level 1 and level 2 emergency cases, Carried lead tech pager weekly and ensured that work was done in a timely and organized fashion, Completed AM chest x-rays utilizing digital and CR portable machines, Rotated daily in the various hospital areas such as Surgery, Trauma and Medical ICU, and the Emergency Room, Established exposure factors to get best imaging for the individual patients, Performed radiation safety for patients and assured radiation safety for personnel during procedures. Radiologic Technologists capture images of organs and tissues for diagnosis purposes. Gathered patient history, and performed other support tasks as needed. Candidate seeking senior radiologic technologist role: Dedicated and focused senior ARRT radiologic technologist with a strong focus on quality control and ensuring the best care for patients. Getting the right words on your resume is more important than it’s ever been. See our sample Radiologic Technologist Cover Letter. This is because the United States has strict employment discrimination laws in place, which affect the hiring process. Manage 13 to 15 procedures per shift, while maintaining high quality of care. Based on our collection of resume examples, the ideal candidate demonstrates radiology expertise, communication and interpersonal skills, bedside manner, computer competencies and teamwork. patient, I.C.U. Directed patients regarding proper position during procedures to obtain x-rays and fluoroscopy. Resolved patient accounting and billing issues. Managed 10 to 15 diagnostic radiographic procedures per clinical rotation. Working with radiologic machinary requires a good deal of trust as it is not only expensive, it is potentially dangerous to the user and the operator. Radiologic technologist providing C-Arm fluoroscopy, plain radiograph, and medical assistant support at primary clinic location and satellite offices. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a reverse-chronological design. Performed X-ray imaging, portable radiography and fluoroscopic procedures. The following guide will give you a complete rundown on the exact traits you should get on your resume to secure a radiologic technologist role. Professional Summary Seeking a radiologic technologist position in a medical institution where my acquired skills will further promote development of the institution. Interpret data and provide recommendations for optimal patient care. If you have taken on additional training and safety courses, won awards or published key papers these should also be well marked on the page. My resume is now one page long, not three. Established standards of practice, operated radiographic equipment, CR, DR, and PACs, prepared room and ordered supplies. Choose a neat and tidy layout, that breaks up all the key sections into easy to identify segments. To give your radiologic technologist resume a good start, you should create a strong summary or resume objective statement. Looking for cover letter ideas? Here is a sample of radiologic technologist resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. Possess demonstrated ability to perform a variety of NDT tasks and interpret the results. A complete diagnostic radiographic procedures in the Radiology Department of 500-bed teaching Hospital. Meticulous documentation expert with strong clinical time management and … Prepared for procedure by speaking with patient prior to answer questions and explain what to expect during the procedure, positioning patient, drawing up medication, and monitoring pulse/oxygen levels. Highlights of Qualifications: Substantial experience of providing diagnostic radiologic support to radiologists; Complete diagnostic radiographic procedures in the radiology department of a 202 bed regional hospital. Completed diagnostic radiographic procedures in the radiology department of an 800 bed teaching hospital. Positioned patient on examining table and set up and adjust equipment to obtain optimum view of specific body area as requested by physician, Processed exposed radiographs using film processors or computer generated methods. Upper Gastrointestinal and Barium Enemas procedures. This places the most emphasis on your career history and is arranged in a format that will give recruiters the information they want to see faster. Complete diagnostic radiographic procedures in the radiology. Demonstrate the ability to take initiative and make decisions/choices without direct supervision. Outstanding academic and hands-on experience within state-of-the-art facility. Executed an average of 30-50 procedures per shift, while maintaining high quality of care. Maintained high quality care and provide patients with professional courtesy. Experience with Phillips CR and DR rooms, GE OEC 9800 c-arms, GE AMX portables, and Fuji GO portables. Finally, don’t be afraid to break up blockier sections of text into bullet points. Mastered radiology/hospital information system (scheduling/registration/admitting and TDS, CHCS, Alta, NexGen order entry. Download this resume template. If done right, this will then be the perfect hook to encourage the recruiter to read on. Not with our online builder! Velvetjobs. Eligible candidates hold an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in radiography and state licensure. Summary. Perform radiographic exams for nine doctors and three Physician's Assistants in a fast paced clinical environment. Precepted new employees and provided input to supervisors regarding performance. For more information on what it takes to be a Radiologic Technologist, check out our complete Radiologic Technologist Job Description. Savannah Fischer. Technologist Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. Took on a leadership role during supervisor's absence. Radiology Technologists work with radiologists to diagnose and treat patients using radiologic imaging. Managed surgical scheduling of equipment and staff. Maintained a safe and clean environment for the patient and other personnel, Positioned radiographic equipment at correct angle/height for exams (Phillips Optimus Analog, 2010 Philips Eleva Easy Diagnost Eleva R/F Room with Kodak reader). Sample resume for a radiography professional This sample resume for a radiologic technologist shows how you can provide a powerful portrayal of your radiography... Work history. Home: (555) 322-7337 | Cell: 000-000-0000. They are also required to ensure image accuracy. Once you've checked that requirement of, employers will be looking for candidates who can comfortably handle OR equipment and provide excellent patient care. Documented patient information obtained from interviews. A radiologic technologist is a healthcare worker who specializes in imaging tests like X-ray, MRI, and CT scans, performed primarily in diagnostic capacities. Maintained radiological film files and storage, pulls X-Rays as requested for referrals and/or copying. Also does imaging for spine clinic and podiatrist. Operated Fuji, Phillips, Kodak Digital Radiography, and GE units. This is a better template for recent graduates or career changers. Performed diagnostic radiographic procedures in the Radiology Department of a teaching hospital with 318 beds. Be sure to list your technical skills, professional experience and formal education to impress your next employer. Responsible for PACU and SICU. RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIST Leveraging stellar radiography knowledge with top-notch care to optimize the patient experience. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Identified and diagnosed medical issues with skeletal structure, such as ruptures or … Obtained full working knowledge of various manual and digital hospital and radiologic machines including GE, Kodak, Fuji, Phillips, Siemons, and Pixis. Radiologic Technologist Student Resume Objective : BSRS, ARRT-registered radiologic technologist with eight years of experience conducting diagnostic imaging procedures within an urgent care and orthopedic setting.

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