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audubon elephant folio value
December 2, 2020

audubon elephant folio value

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This, the first book purchased by the University, was bought in 1839 for $970 (equivalent to $90,000 in 2019), at the time an amazing sum. Since the book hadn’t been moved or handled much, “the quality of the coloring is absolutely spectacular,” Becker says. From The Birds of America. 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Under £10,000, The Hypnotic Allure of the AI Art Generator, Escape and Experimentation in Egon Schiele’s 'Trieste Fishing Boat', The Birds of America from Original Drawings by John James Audubon, 18 December 2019 | 3:30 PM EST | New York, Selby is the Senior Vice President, International Senior Books Specialist, Sotheby's New York. Minimal wear. Published 1981 Condition Fine ISBN 9780896592315 Item Price $ The binding is also quite lavish—full red Morocco leather with gilt borders, which, due to the sheer size of the volumes, would have cost the duke nearly as much as the actual printed sheets. On June 14, one of the world’s most expensive books, John James Audubon’s double-elephant folio of The Birds of America, will go to auction in New York City. Pumpkin Bird Feeder Makes a Happy Harvest For Birds, To Help Birds This Winter, Go Easy on Fall Yard Work, Learn to Identify Five Owls by Their Calls, A New Exhibit Puts a Modern Spin on the Renowned ‘Birds of America’ Paintings. But he did record his visit to Louisville in American Ornithology: he claimed he found not one subscriber and not one new bird while there, and that “Science or literature has not one friend in this place." From United States. While supervising the work—or leaving his son Victor to do so—Audubon made trips back to America to look for subscribers and—more significantly—to find and paint more birds. Mr Wilson asked me if I had many drawings of birds. This happened in March 1810. Audubon worked briefly as a clerk for Lucy Bakewell’s uncle in New York, while Rozier took a position with a French trading house in Philadelphia. Havell Double Elephant Folio Bien Edition Alecto Restrikes Amsterdam Edition Abbeville Edition Royal Octavo Edition Imperial Quadrupeds (elephant folio) Quadrupeds of North American (octavo) Havell Double Elephant Folio. Membership benefits include one year of Audubon magazine and the latest on birds and their habitats. Can This Critically Endangered Bird Survive Australia's New Climate Reality? Soon after his arrival, he exhibited 250 paintings at the Royal Institution at Liverpool, with similar subsequent exhibitions in Manchester and Edinburgh. Help power unparalleled conservation work for birds across the Americas, Stay informed on important news about birds and their habitats, Receive reduced or free admission across our network of centers and sanctuaries, Access a free guide of more than 800 species of North American birds, Discover the impacts of climate change on birds and their habitats, Learn more about the birds you love through audio clips, stunning photography, and in-depth text. John James Audubon: A Biography. Audubon's Elephant: America's Greatest Naturalist and the Makng of "The Birds of America." The four-volume masterpiece could raise $8-12 million, potentially setting a record value for John James Audubon's crowning achievement. and he loved the natural world,” says Knobloch’s nephew, Steve Sharkey, one of the directors of the KFF. Although auction houses routinely hold charity events, this might be the first time a rare book has been offered specifically for this purpose—one that would surely please John James Audubon himself. It was there that I commenced my simple and agreeable studies, with as little concern about the future as if the world had been made for me. It should be mentioned that the common names of the birds as indicated on this site are derived from the revised edition of Audubon’s Birds of America: The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio by John James Audubon and edited by Roger Tory Peterson and Virginia Marie Peterson (Abbeville Press: NY, 1990). … I listened less to others, more to him and slowly improved.” In the same essay, Audubon admitted that his first attempts at drawing birds were made when “I was very far from possessing any knowledge of their Nature. For the next eleven years, Havell and company engraved, printed, and colored the plates for The Birds of America, many of which incorporated landscape and botanical backgrounds drawn by Havell himself. John Bachman, who would write the text for his next major project, The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America—and who, in 1837, would become John Woodhouse Audubon’s father-in-law. While the second fascicle was being printed, the colorists who worked for Lizars—reproducing the palettes of “pattern plates” assembly-line style—went on strike. This item: Audubon's Birds of America: The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio by John James Audubon Hardcover CDN$212.99 Only 2 left in stock. You can unsubscribe from Sotheby’s emails at any time by clicking the “Manage your Subscriptions” link in any of your emails. Revised edition with update by Susanne N. Low. My best friends regarded me as a madman, and my wife and family alone gave me encouragement. Mr Wilson now examined my drawings with care, asked if I should have any objections to lending him a few during his stay, to which I replied that I had none: he then bade me good morning, not, however, until I had made an arrangement to explore the woods in the vicinity along with him, and had promised to procure for him some birds, of which I had drawings in my collection, but which he had never seen. In November Audubon was introduced to the engraver who could make his grand vision a reality: William Home Lizars of Edinburgh. Audubon does not participate in political campaigns, nor do we support or oppose candidates.”. The Birds of America showcased, for the first time, life-size illustrations of birds (some of which are now extinct, like the Carolina Parakeet). It should read “J. This on average measures 26 1/4" x 39 1/4". Shortly after settling into Mill Grove, Audubon fell in love with Lucy Bakewell, the daughter of his neighbor William Bakewell. or Best Offer. Even Audubon witnessed dwindling species and habitat loss as early as the 1820s, which makes it apropos that a copy of his masterpiece will be sold to benefit conservation. Lee Vedder reports that the Huntington Library owns a presentation copy of the first edition of American Ornithology, inscribed by Wilson to Audubon and with the latter’s holograph annotations. “He had an unusual sense of aesthetics, and he liked collecting art . In Fine Bird Books, Sacheverell Sitwell proclaimed that “There is nothing in the world of fine books quite like the first discovery of Audubon. Also during this period the Audubons had four children: Victor was born in 1809, John Woodhouse in 1812 (the same year Audubon became a naturalized citizen), Lucy in 1815, and Rose in 1819. John James Audubon: The Making of an American. My wife determined that my genius should prevail, and that my final success as an ornithologist should be triumphant.”. ... From the Original Double Elephant Folio. On June 14, one of the world’s most expensive books, John James Audubon’s double-elephant folio of The Birds of America, will go to auction in New York City. The amount is within the $8-12 million range the book was estimated to sell for and roughly $2 million shy of the record amount paid for an Audubon folio. Buy It Now. As for his painting, he captured so many new subjects that The Birds of America was eventually extended to 87 parts totaling 435 engraved plates, many of which depicted more than one species. The first and most valuable is the original "double elephant folio" edition of the Birds of America. C $41.45. One unanticipated benefit of these later birding expeditions is that in Charleston in 1831 Audubon met the Rev. Update: When the gavel finally declared the bidding over, this copy of The Birds of America was officially sold for $9.65 million. Audubon, John James. He, however, immediately proceeded to disclose the object of his visit, which was to procure subscriptions for his work. Audubon quickly found a more capable and enthusiastic collaborator in Robert Havell, Jr., of London. But always and increasingly the positioning of his “mannequins” was based on field observation: “As I travelled, mostly bent on the Study of birds and with a wish to represent all those found in our Woods to [the] best of my powers, I gradually became acquainted with their forms and Habits, the use of my Wires was improved by an acquirement in the delineation connected with the Naked Eye. 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I shot, I drew, I looked on nature only; my days were happy beyond human conception. The giant energy of the man, and his power of achievement and accomplishment, give to him something of the epical force of a Walt Whitman or a Herman Melville. Quick View. Price $1,975.00. Sold for $5,100. Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000. Part 1: Double Elephant Bien.John James Audubon died in 1851. Waking one morning with the inspiration that he had dreamt of a new discovery, Audubon, eschewing breakfast, took his gun to the Perkioming Creek, shot a kingfisher, and quickly brought it home. In the preface to Ornithological Biography, he introduced himself to his readers as “an American Woodsman,” and he particularly liked to project a backwoods persona when in Scotland, England, and France – even if he never did quite lose his French accent. At Mill Grove, too, Audubon first developed the techniques that would inform his drawings with such vitality and precision that could be seen, not simply as scientific representations of a species, but as revealing psychological portraits of individuals. (Although Audubon did not subscribe to Wilson’s work, he did own a copy. The boy was initially cared for by another of Captain Audubon’s mistresses, but with the threat of a slave revolt making Saint-Domingue increasingly unstable, he sent his son and one of his daughters, Rose Bouffard, to live with his wife, Anne Moynet Audubon, in Nantes (another half-sister remained in Saint-Dominigue and was killed during the slave insurrection in 1791). But the name Audubon will ever conjure up images of the Double Elephant Folio: it is sole and incomparable, as much a natural wonder as the remarkable birds it depicts. Spread the word. But, as Audubon freely admitted in the autobiographical reminiscence he wrote for his sons, the mercantile business did not suit him. John James Audubon: Writings and Drawings. The year-long return to Nantes was not without advantage to Audubon, however; while there he met the young Charles-Marie D’Orbigny, his family’s doctor and a gifted ornithologist, who did much to school Audubon in taxidermy, and in a more scientific way of approaching and cataloguing his subjects. Both efforts were successful. For the next five years over various excursions and expeditions, Audubon patiently gathered material, and his body of work grew rapidly. This is an unusually large and brilliantly colored copy, with the plates in very early state: all ten first plates are engraved by Lizars alone, prior to retouching by Havell Jr, and 141 of Low’s 150 variable plates are present in the first state. Within a couple of months a prospectus for the work appeared, the first subscribers were signed up (a hundred would be secured by the end of 1827), and work was well underway on the first five plates: the cock wild turkey, the yellow-billed Cuckoo, the prothonotary Warbler, the purple finch, and the Canada warbler. In 1805, during his protracted courtship of Lucy, Audubon risked conscription and returned to France to seek his father’s permission to marry, but Captain Audubon insisted that he find a means of supporting himself before he would sanction the union. ISBN 10: 051753374X ISBN 13: 9780517533741. ... More about John J. Audubon and collecting Audubon prints. Great condition for a used book! Audubon recalled the second decade of the nineteenth century as “a succession of vicissitudes. England gave Audubon the acclaim and attention that the United States withheld. by Peterson, Roger Tory and Virginia Marie Peterson Seller James & Mary Laurie Booksellers (A.B.A.A.) The name Double Elephant was a … New York, 1988 . We protect birds and the places they need. Price $3,150.00. George Ord, Wilson’s friend and editor, and Charles-Lucien Bonaparte, the ex-Emperor’s nephew who was at the time writing a supplement to Wilson’s earlier work, ensured that Audubon’s project was given a cool reception by the established and scientific and publishing communities in the United States. … The first Collection of Drawings I made of this Sort were from European Specimen, procured by my Father or myself. John James Audubon: A Biography. “One fair morning, I was surprised by the sudden entrance into our counting-room of Mr Alexander Wilson, the celebrated author of the ‘American Ornithology’ of whose existence I had never until that moment been apprised. Audubon began to truly copy nature when he arrived in the United States in 1803, dispatched by his father to manage an estate outside of Philadelphia, Mill Grove, that had been purchased in 1789 for its potential lead deposits. According to a two-page statement released by the foundation, its mission is “conservation of natural ecosystems,” and it has quite the budget to advance that mission: $150 million in assets that the directors intend to spend down over the next 10 to 15 years. Knobloch had grown up on a farm in Connecticut and enjoyed hunting, fly fishing, and other outdoorsy pursuits. Great Horned Owl Pl 39. Returning to Louisville, Audubon discovered a talent for portraiture and for a time found steady work. … this was what I Shall ever call my first attempt at Drawing actually from Nature, for then Even the eye of the Kings fisher was as if full of Life before me whenever I pressed its Lids aside with a finger.”, Audubon made modifications and improvements to his wiring scheme – he adopted uniform grids behind his tableaux and on his drawing paper to assist him in depicting proportions—but this became his standard protocol for the original drawings that were the basis for The Birds of America. The watermarks of the first ten images identify this copy as one of the first Audubon received a subscription for. Revised edition with Update by Susanne N. Low. Your support helps secure a future for birds at risk. In his monumental masterpiece, viz., the Double Elephant Folio Edition of the Birds of America published during 1827-1838, the naturalist John James Audubon published 435 drawings of the birds he drew from his observations in Nature. Or take action immediately with one of our current campaigns below: The Audubon Bird Guide is a free and complete field guide to more than 800 species of North American birds, right in your pocket. Fries, Waldemar H. The Double Elephant Folio. Great Blue Heron, American Flamingo, and Wild Turkey are three of the most valuable prints of The Birds of America. Over the past few years, the KFF’s philanthropic projects have included a donation of $2 million towards the purchase of the Powderhorn Ranch, a 17,351-acre piece of native coastal prairie in Texas that is expected to become a state park. London, 2004 . Self-published between 1826 and 1838, the serial consumed 14 years of Audubon's life, and contained hand-coloured plates illustrating more than 700 species of birds on the North American continent. Audubon sold 186 subscriptions to the complete folio of The Birds of America, each of which commanded the princely sum of $1,000—the cost of a substantial home at that time. The later lithographed “octavo” editions of The Birds of America and The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America are considerable triumphs in their own right. Rozier was no more fortunate than I, for he shipped a cargo of hams to the West Indies, and not more than one-fifth of the cost was returned.”, Undaunted, the pair formed a mercantile partnership and opened a general store in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1807. London, 2004, Irmscher, Christoph, ed. Irmscher, Christoph, ed. In December 1826, Audubon described the fledgling publication, and his plans for promoting it, to Lucy: “it is to come out in numbers of 5 prints the size of Life and all in the same size paper of my Largest Drawings called Double Elephant paper. There are fewer than ten limited edition publications of high quality Audubon facsimile reproduction prints that have been issued (and several are not yet sold out) of the original full sized D.E.F. Knobloch was, according to his nephew, an inveterate investor, and he purchased The Birds of America “as an investment for the foundation,” which is now being realized. He was granted an audience with the Earl of Derby at Knowsley Hall, site of a famous private menagerie that was to be recorded in lithography by Edward Lear in 1846, and, among many notables, met Sir Walter Scott and ornithologists John Gould, Prideaux John Selby, and William Jardine—the last of whom he would accuse of pirating some of his images and accuse, in a letter to John Bachman, of “encumber[ing] the Whole of God’s Creation with Stuff as little like the objects of the Creator’s formations as the Moon is unto Cheese.”. Ornithological Biography, or An Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States of America. Let us send you the latest in bird and conservation news. C $207.32. He opened his books, explained the nature of his occupations, and requested my patronage. San Marino, California, (2006). Elephant folio … As in Audubon’s original paintings, the birds were presented at full size — what Audubon called “the size of life.” Audubon’s 435 bird images can be grouped by size. First Edition Robert Havell Aquatint Engraving with Original Hand Color From Birds of America Double Elephant Folio. Louisiana Heron Pl 373. Top Rated Seller. As he wrote of the Louisville store, “I could not bear to give the attention required by my business, and which, indeed, every business calls for, and, therefore, my business abandoned me. New York, 2004, Rhodes, Richard, ed. Elephant Folio refers to the size of the Audubon Imperial Quadruped prints, which are somewhat smaller than the double elephant folio size used for the Audubon Havell bird prints.

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