The Colony

Bio: Shannon – The Colony

Hobbies: Include raising the mini (much more beautiful) version of myself, pretending like I know what I’m doing at the gym, and binge watching Greys Anatomy until Netflix asks me “are you still watching”

Favorite movie: Way too hard to choose just one, but it’s definitely a tie between Friday and Superbad.

Favorite food: seafood no question! From sushi, to lobster, to crawfish. Gimmie it all

Reason she likes working at KOSB: The positive environment! From the hard working management, to the genuine girls I’ve become so close with, down to the customers who have become some of my greatest friends.

Management: We love Shannon because she’s always on time for her shift and comes into work with a great attitude. And she engages well with patrons at the bar while always staying attentive to be sure that other patrons aren’t being neglected.

Current ProjectKO-GIRL</br>The Colony